Smart Gardening for Geeks

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Gardening and planting is undoubtedly, not at the forefront of the minds of most ‘geeks’. The Chinese company iGrow might become business leaders in gardening for geeks with the product they dubbed Agriculture 4.0.

iGrow has presented a series of different landscaping items consisting of the iGrow intelligent hydroponics gardening systems to plant flowers, fruits and vegetables inside your home in a simple, practical, and sanitary way. From the seed germination to the blossom duration, you only have to add water and nutrients at most fortnightly, without any extra work or skill needed.

The magic of iGrow lies in its original semi-aerosol growing techniques and the LED planting lighting system, integrating all aspects that plants need such as light, water and air into one compact systems. The iGrow ensures continuous growth of plants through its automated control system and allows plants and vegetables to be grown even in a cold winter season and off seasons.

“Agriculture 4.0 total subversion and sublimation of traditional agriculture,” stated Lennon Tsai, founder of iGrow and the company’s conference speaker. “In China, iGrow has established a vast series of indoor agricultural products, from the micro indoor planting devices, cute enough that home decorators use them, represented by automated plant-growing machines and the garden-like workplace environments developed by ingrained planting systems, as well as the air farm developed by the smart DFT (Deep Flowing Technology) planting system. iGrow is dedicated to pursuing a genuinely wise planting system that covers all variety of species of plants.” Although it sounds complex, the company ensures that it isn’t, there is virtually nothing you have to do to maintain your plants and vegetation. The invention speaks to geeks on two levels, first of all, it is so simple to use that even someone with no motivation to garden will be able to do so. Secondly, the product is quite technical, and that in itself will spark interest in a geeky or nerdy customer.

iGrow has extended its business to more than twenty different countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In November 2015, the business received its first lot of funding which is worth tens of millions of RMB. This all happened in little more than a year after its development and the company had intentions of receiving its second round of financing in middle of 2016.

“Now we still have a number of new ideas in the making,” said Tsai, “due to the fact that we are fully mindful that the point is the best ways to make our item unique. We currently have an excellent choice of items, so together with our representatives, we can produce the products customers want. We have actually currently laid out a marketing network throughout the world, with leading priority to be provided to the American market this year.”

To have a plant growing device that does not require much attention sounds appealing and who doesn’t like some fresh salad, all the while adding to your residential interior design.

iGrow will display in the Hardware Tools and Gardening Exhibition in Las Vegas from May 9-11.