Next Huge Tech Target Audience: Baby Boomers

baby boomers next tech audience

Due to the fact that the Millennial market is so over saturated and tough to keep up with, Baby Boomers present tech services with all sorts of opportunities. Teenagers and 20-somethings take in innovation at a ravenous speed, just to then demand more. But the Baby Boomer generation is the total reverse.

Baby boomers are now the fastest growing section of innovation customers. They’re finally beginning to embrace brand-new innovation as they understand just how much simpler it makes their busy lives. After all, many boomers are still looking after grown kids or grandchildren in addition to their own moms and dads.

Baby boomers are also investing more cash on tech than more youthful generations. Not unexpected when you think about how Baby Boomers control 70 percent of disposable earnings and invest more than any other market group. They are also expected to acquire at least $15 trillion over the next twenty years.

Leading Opportunities in the Senior Tech Market

The next 10 years is anticipated to be a prime-time show for tech services to get Baby Boomer brand name patriots. Have a look at a few of the most profitable chances associating with this freshly adaptive generation:

House Improvements

Some empty nesters are flying the coup for smaller sized houses, however numerous Baby Boomers’ strategy is to reside in their existing houses for a long time. To do that, they’re purchasing upgrades, renovations and enhancements that will show useful as they age. Ingenious businesses that can craft aging in place systems and gadgets for the house that make it much easier to get around and get things done will draw in Baby Boomer purchasers.

Example: House stair lifts are becoming more typical now that lots of elders are getting care at their home instead of a senior living center. Machines and a safety management system have gotten great with the engineering on today’s designs. The chair has the ability to enter a straight line and around curves. A stair lift is a feasible option for essentially any house now.


According to AARP, Child Boomers invest around $120 billion a year on travel. They have a great deal of spare time after retirement, are fairly healthy and have a lot of money to invest, making them the most travel-friendly generation alive.

Example: Google’s travel-related apps are excellent for Baby Boomers since they are structured and simplified. Apps like Google Translate have a low learning curve and can make travel much more secure for senior citizens.


It’s obvious that Child Boomers put more focus on health care than more youthful generations. They’re most likely to have at least a couple of prescription medications and purchase yearly physicals. The older they get, the more health problems Baby Boomers understand they’ll need to handle. Looking after aging moms and dads is an even larger endeavor for some Boomers. The health management sector of the tech market is quickly broadening with items developed for Baby Boomers.

Example: Envoy has gotten a great deal of attention recently for developing an ingenious system that permits caretakers to discover cost effective additional aid. The business’s site, software and apps with the right software testing course or agile automated testing help users discover vetted caretakers and assistants in their area.

Physical fitness

Baby Boomers are also concentrated on physical fitness as a method to remain healthy and prevent all those medical professional visits. Modern medication is helping individuals remain more active later on in life, which suggests senior physical fitness training is a market that has the capacity for development.

Example: Electric bike business like Evelo that target the Baby Boomer market have seen a rise in sales. The young creator and tech business owner Boris Mordkovich understood that he had a business model when his Baby Boomer moms and dads started using a homemade electrical bike. An electrical bike is popular option amongst numerous riders since it permits the rider to manage how little or as much manpower is use. This is apart from a personal trainer for seniors which is also an ideal option for a lot of Baby Boomers.

Animal Care

When kids are grown and off starting families of their own, some elders discover they have the time to look after a family pet. Without any kids around and a lot of disposable earnings, numerous animals are spoiled with animal comforts, and their owners purchase gadgets that make pet ownership much easier.

Example: GPS trackers like Whistle make it a lot easier to discover Fido if he left or left his leash. For Baby Boomers that have physical constraints, this piece of tech can be important in getting reunited with a family pet.

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