Print Advertising Still Works, Here’s Why

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Nobody understands when the famous expression “the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated” originated. You may link the axiom to the likes of Mark Twain, Alexander Hamilton, or a high number of other famous men and women. When it comes to printing advertising, the quotation has special significance. In 2014, 91 North American operated magazines closed, which represents a nearly 100% increase from the amount of print books that ceased functioning during 2013. This begs the question: Is printing advertising dead?

The answer might surprise many digital marketers.

Advertising investments have gone electronic mainly because the Internet provides companies with an inexpensive way to promote services and products. However, online marketing requires the numerical power of print advertising to seal the advertising deal.

Business owners have four reasons to keep print advertisements as part of the marketing strategy.

Print Ads Convert More Customers

Believe it or not, print ads have a substantial influence on converting prospects to clients. Nearly 80 percent of customers act on direct flyer printing advertisements compared to 45 percent of customers that act on digital advertisements.

A Penn State study affirmed the power of print advertising by examining the memories of participants who examine print and electronic advertisements. The bottom line: print advertisements have much more influence on our purchasing decisions than digital advertisements.

Target Marketing 101

Successful small companies break down their loyal customer base by demographics. After learning the principal demographics of the customers, business operators target the market base by putting printed advertisements into print booklets which are then bought by the target market.

For example, dog lovers that are looking to buy health food for their canine friends are more likely to get the ideal brand via a publication like Dog Fancy than by getting an email blast from an internet marketing agency.

The Best Way to Build Trust

Most consumers understand the World Wide Web is rife with imitation advertising at best, and grossly misleading advertising campaigns at worst. Due to the dubious reputation of online advertising, print ads remain the most reliable source of advertising information.

Print advertisements never include pop-up displays that promote unseemly services and products. The simple printed method for promoting your products and services builds credibility, that’s the first step towards establishing the confidence needed for clients to take action.

Printing Bolsters Electronic Advertising

We do not recommend selecting one marketing medium over another advertising medium. In actuality, we think print advertising makes online advertising much more effective.

Although internet advertising costs less than getting the word out about your brand in print, electronic marketing should represent just a single piece of your advertising campaign. Oftentimes, online marketing sets the table for printing advertising to close the deal.

Savvy business owners understand that implementing both electronic and print advertising campaigns generates higher customer conversion prices.

No More Impulse Buying

Let’s face it: online shopping promotes impulse buying. All you’ve got to do is input your credit card information and hit the click button after reading an internet ad.

On the other hand, print advertisements do not offer a fast way to create a purchase immediately. Consumers that systematically shop for goods and services favour the more controlled printing form of advertising to generate product and service purchasing choices.

An additional reason to not dismiss published advertising might surprise you. Many consumers don’t use the net to generate purchasing decisions.

Yes, they may perform research online. But when it comes to reaching into their pockets, customers typically act on the information presented in print advertisements.

It isn’t an age thing, as far as it’s the way many customers feel most comfortable making service and product purchasing decisions.

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